What activities do you lose yourself in?

Writing is so heart soothing for me. I love sitting in a quiet space and letting my heart speak as I write. I think what I love most, is I allow the noise of life to fade away and I embrace the quiet and still that my mind so desperately craves.

Some days when I wake up I know exactly what I want to write on here and some days I use the prompt to inspire and ignite. Either way it starts, I love the feeling of excitement as I dig deep and sit in thought.

I get lost in looking back, sitting in and thinking about, as well as, questioning more as I write. It awakens me and makes me excited for more. It’s hope, it’s possibility, it’s good for my soul.

One thing I have recognized in the last week is the importance of the quiet space as I write. I love listening to a story and like to be present as I hear, just listening. I then think more about that story after the conversation is over and dig deeper through my thoughts as I wonder. When I write as I listen or listen to write, I miss the best parts. I also notice my thoughts don’t flow when interrupted or influenced by noise that surrounds.

Perhaps this is why waking up in the wee hours is my brain telling my body what my soul seeks.

2 responses to “Quiet spaces and open pages”

  1. Sabrina Stevenson. Blog Avatar

    This was literally me before I had my baby who’s now a toddler!
    The quietness that allows you to think clearly is easily taken for granted.
    Thank you for keeping your content engaging, mid length and sweet! Easy read 😌

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    1. A single ray Avatar

      I remember those toddler days. I wish you a quiet moment today. Thank you for kind words. ☀️

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