Unplugging, unwinding and full stop … just what I needed. I didn’t even write. It felt weird at the beginning but now I’m glad I did it and it’s kinda hard to get back into it.

Saturday was spent making floral crowns, macrame earrings, champagne tasting, embracing the Practice of Joy, eating and drinking! I’ve never seen such an array of food. What I discovered about myself is that I’m much less into crafts as I thought. I need to slow down and embrace and found myself 3 steps ahead of everyone. This is a practice I hope to work on.

After a day full of learning, tasting, creating, a little bit of shopping and fun, we went back to the cabin to get dressed up for the evening Gala. After a delicious meal, our guest speaker, Kaitlyn Bristowe, took the stage. She shared her experience growing up in Leduc, being in The Bachelor and life now as an influencer and all she hopes to be.

After listening to the band, we headed back to the cabin where Rebecca and I stayed up till the wee hours laughing, talking and taking snap selfies. Here we are 50 years old and still giggling like school girls!

And when we finally went to bed … the uncontrollable laughter started once again! It felt like back in the day and I awaited the voice of a parent to say ‘Girls! That’s enough!’

Our weekend ended with a beautiful breakfast and a road trip back through the mountains, a beautiful sight.

Thanks you for another memorable weekend of connection, delicious food and uncontrollable giggles! 🏔️

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