I have had the pleasure of walking the halls of Sturgeon schools my entire life I attended Gibbons, Landing Trail and Sturgeon Comp and then as a parent walked those very same halls with our 3 boys. Throughout all those years I’ve sat on school councils, volunteered for supporting in classrooms, mastered mass grill cheese and hot dog making, worked casinos, sold almonds and enjoyed school assemblies. I never really understood the role of a trustee but had faith that you all did and that was enough for me.

Over the years I attended about 10 in person CoW meetings more because I felt as a parent it was the right thing to do. In the last few years have attended with purpose, a genuine curiosity and concern. The ease of attending virtually has made this so much easier as I don’t have to rush from work and to be honest can multitask as I listen in. Just last week, I was able to do half from work and when you took your supper break went home and watched the remainder from the comforts of my living room.

My reason for writing today is to share my appreciation for the work that you all do. Watching the collaboration, compassion and empathy that this board shares as you team is something to be celebrated. I’ve seen some very difficult discussions that have been so respectively responded to, perspective sharing conversations had and tough decisions made and I admire each of you for truth, your trust in eachother and your ability to shift as needed. This board represents Sturgeon families like no other has before and I’m so very grateful for each one of you.

Perhaps I’m more invested in discovering more of what a school trustee does because our boys are older and I’m not driving to 11 different events a day, perhaps it’s out of curiosity and wonder or perhaps it’s because of how open, transparent and present each of you are to us so I want to show up for you. Regardless of why, I’m glad that I’m there. And the board newsletter, what a beautiful way to connect and inform.

From 3 beautiful Sturgeon boys and their alumni Sturgeon parents, thank you. I will forever be Sturgeon proud and each of you remind me of why!

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