What advice would you give to your teenage self?

This is something that I think we all wish we had the ability to do. Because it’s impossible to do it for ourselves, we try to do it with others and it’s not always well received. It may be responded to with rolled eyes, a response of ‘it was different back then’, ‘you don’t understand’ or a nod and smile. It’s hard to step out of your own chaos and truly listen to the opinion of others.

I also feel that your experience is just that … yours. Your head, your body, your past, your emotion and your moment so no one but yourself, in that present moment, can fully experience it but you, because they are not you.

If my younger me was open to hearing, here is what I would tell her.

Dear younger me,

Let go of the plan. You have the spirit of a gypsy, the heart of a million people, the soul of more and the world is yours. Be bigger than the plan, you can do it!

That voice that whispers ‘do this’ listen to it, believe that you can and try. If it doesn’t go according to what you imagined, it’s ok, learn from it and move on. It’s a part of the story. don’t follow the script, create one.

Embrace being unique vs try to fit in. We are built different, that’s how it is supposed to be, celebrate that. People will judge you, even your own family and that’s on them, take the risk. Someone is watching you, wishing they could be like you, shine for them and show them it’s possible.

Love … show love, give love, receive love, share love, fall in love, make love and sit in love. It truly is what makes the world go round. When you chose, if you chose a forever partner pay attention to the small things, one day you will realize they are the big things. Make a list of 3 must have qualities that matter, don’t settle for anything less and be wide open to explore more. Once you find your person, slow down and embrace the journey and breathe it all in.

Choose a career that fits your moment not your life. It’s ok if you don’t get a 25yr service pin. It’s not about the pin. It is about the joy you feel, the difference you make and the opportunities that come because of the work you do. Think of your career as stepping stones that take you where you need to go, to experience all of the incredible things the world has to offer, to share some of the greatest parts of you and to make a difference in the lives of many. To hear a story of impact years later is good for the soul and takes you back reminding of their impact on you.

If you end up marrying Deryk and having 3 of the most incredible boyz, you are so lucky. Deryk will love you to the core and you will love him back in a way that you can only imagine. You were destined to be with him. You will have 3 sons, each unique and all the most precious souls on the planet. Colton is so very smart and has a way of making you feel safe. He is funny, independent and oh so fun. Dalton is home and is always there to help. He is a hard worker, dedicated and loves his people. Justys is so sweet and embraces life. He values friendship, thinks deeply and knows how to have fun. They are all a perfect blend of sugar and spice. I see you in all of them and I’m grateful for that. They got your very best parts!

No matter what, no matter where … slow down, stop if you can and look, listen and embrace the present moment! Say yes to adventure. Watch as many sunsets and sunrises as you possibly can. Love from the tips to the top. Talk to strangers. Let go of what does not serve you. Work in hospitality at some point in your life. Try karaoke. Take lots of pictures. Write. Eat the cake. Tell people you love them often. Tell yourself too. Find a Derky. Have 3 boyz. Do what makes your heart happy. Be kind. Take the risk. Circle back when you need. Love. Laugh. Live. Remember you are UNSTOPPABLE and SHINE! ☀️

Love older Me 💜

Grade 7

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