What is one word that describes you?

Even thinking of answering this question made the answer more clear.

Overthinker … and I even became one as I chose the word because it has a negative tone and that does not sit well with me.

It’s the best of me and the worst of me.

Tips to the top, that’s how I feel always. Some days I wish I didn’t but have accepted that’s who I am. I can get stuck on a thought and writing helps sort those for me.

It’s interesting that I don’t overthink an activity or risk to myself and can be flexible and courageous. But if feelings or others are involved, I’ll think of every angle and possibility to flush out negativity or failures. I think most of us do that actually. I wonder why.

I’ve noticed lately, maybe it’s age, how stuck I can get on things. If a person or issue is bothering me, everything revolves around it, it becomes the reason for everything going wrong. I used to be able to work through it, take what I need and let it go, quite quickly. I now hold on longer and for what purpose? It is not serving me well, it’s not changing the circumstance and it’s potentially hurting others.

How do you balance your discontentment and the impact on others actions on you? Face it head on, sweep it under the rug, avoid? There are so many risks no matter what you choose. Hello overthinking.

Here is what I’m doing today …

I can create a change in this present moment and today I commit to showing up with joy, contentment and a single ray of sunshine. ☀️

I love that Kathleen will forever ride shotgun with me. 💜

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