Yesterday was a beautiful celebration of a beautiful soul. I loved that no matter who spoke, albeit said differently, we all said the same thing. How lucky we all are to have loved her.

“People may forget what you said, people may forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

This is Kathleen’s legacy. We will never forget how she gave each and every one of us that feeling of love, importance and belonging.

We are two of Kathleen’s many soul sisters, we’re the let’s do it, all nighter, Costco trip, late night calls, drive by drop off, graffiti girls.

First time meeting Kathleen she came bouncing in on horseback to Coronado Church for a family gathering. Her smile could be seen from miles away and her gorgeous hair for just as far! We knew in an instant she was a keeper. 

Kathleen embraced our extra-large family and added the magical McIntosh touch. No matter what event or gathering Kathleen always brought her sparkle. The eye eats first is no joke! Kathleen had the ability to make any gathering or event extra special. She was the hostess with the mostest. We were always in awe of her subtle touches pretty napkins, beautifully arranged vegetable tray, amazing appetizers, she made the ordinary extraordinary.  Kathleen was not a perfectionist but her talent was making everything perfect.  Pussy willows never looked better in a mason jar. 

Our annual Half Dun Ranch camping reunion was no exception. Not only did Kathleen pack her trailer full of Costco snacks and food for everyone she always made room for a beautiful flower planter to hang at her trailer for that added sparkle. We’d be sitting around the fire and next thing you knew Kathleen was cooking kubasa for all on her 10 prong wiener stick and had a pocket full of glow sticks and sparklers for the kids. She also, always made sure she packed an extra pair of crocs for Ted just in case he lost one of his. 

My favorite moments with Kathleen were when our kids were little and if they missed the bus, she would quickly load them up in her car and bring them to our house to catch the bus. We would stand in the middle of my yard; her typically in rubber boots and me in my house slippers. We would have the best visits. Those were the days that each of us would be late for work and looking back on it now I wish I would’ve been late for work more often. I don’t know if anyone remembers we were late for work, but I will always remember those conversations.

It is not by chance Kathleen had an impact on each one of us here. She embraced life without hesitation with the most welcoming, kind, compassionate heart. Connecting with people on a genuine, selfless level was her superpower. Her interest in you was intentional and she made you feel important and loved. Kathleen would eloquently steer the conversation to be about you and rarely talked about herself. This is another one of her superpowers. She listened to understand and heard all the little things that you never even knew you said. This was typically followed by a token or treasure that was a part of the conversation days or months before. She was famous for her ‘drive by drop offs’ no matter if you were unwell, graduating, had a baby or a Christmas Eve birthday, she made your day better. 

She believed in watching the sunrise even if it meant staying up all night. Saying ‘yes’ before she knew the details. Having an extra plate at the table or lawn chair at the fire because the more the merrier.

Kathleen’s sparkle will live on in all of us: Wear the good shoes, eat the cake, sit in the moment, say yes to adventure and always take the time for a rubber boot and slipper connections, be humble, say yes to adventure, be kind, watch the sun rise, love your family, remember the eye eats first and whenever possible, ride shotgun!

We love you Kathleen. You will forever be a part of our everyday. Thank you for all you have instilled in all of us. 💜

I love that Dean dropped by today with another bouquet. He added pussy willows that he found today. Even in his grief, kindness is ever present. 💜
After Dean came over today, he texted about something he posted on Facebook. I don’t go on Facebook but did today to check out his post.
In my memories this came up from 6 years ago today ….
“Yesterday I reached out to a beautiful friend who is struggling. ‘How can I help you?’ I asked. She replied ‘EnJOY your day and eat ice cream!’🦋 so Deryk and I headed off, with the windows rolled down, for some ice cream.”

No matter what she went through,
she put others ahead of her! 💜

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