Today we will come together and celebrate a woman that has touched the lives of many. So many that she likely could not even fathom.

Just yesterday I received a text from someone unable to attend today and wanted to ensure a card got to the family. Someone who Kathleen left a lasting impact with an unlikely yet so present connection.

As Rebecca and I put words on paper this week, there was so much reflection and recall, it was so beautiful to look back with joy. We laughed at times, struggled with remembering little details and captured the true essence of a soul sister who will live on in all she touched.

One of the things we speak of is a trait Kathleen got from her mom. ‘The eye eats first.’ No matter what the occasion Kathleen always added ‘extra’ to make a simple anything, turn into an extraordinary everything!

Last night, Deryk and I went out for supper in Fort. ‘The Venue’ by Ken’s catering, a hidden gem that opened in 2020. We heard of it but the location is tucked away so it’s often forgotten. We enjoyed a beautiful buffet supper with prime rib, Yorkshire pudding, a green beer for St.Patrick’s Day and bread pudding for desert. As I’m looking around the space, in its black and white simple yet elegant theme, I see written on the wall “Eat with your eyes first.” Well hello Kathleen, I’m so glad you could join us this evening! ☘️

Our ☘️ beer
The eyes eat first

2 responses to “Hello my friend ☘️”

  1. Tamara Avatar

    Signs are everywhere! She is with you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A single ray Avatar

    So very true! I love that! 💕


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