The PJ Party event is back for another amazing year of ladies-only fun! You pick out your favourite pajama’s for a weekend filled with dance parties, cocktails, fabulous food and fun classes – and most importantly, some much deserved ‘me-time’ with the girls, the Ultimate Girls Weekend!

Our day started with a pick up just before noon, we were all so impressed that Rebecca actually made it a half hour early! Let’s get this show on the road!

First stop is at to get a pedicure and then off to Walmart to pick out some special Jammie’s.

As we drive, I spot a cow calf pair and the calf is galloping through the field as it anticipates spring and celebrates life. The weather is cold as the wind blows but that baby calf, basks in the sun that was peeking through. We also spot a coyote and just before Jasper, a whole herd of Elk.

Being in the mountains is shared as ‘calming, mesmerizing and beautiful’ and memories of past trips are shared. There are times of silent but normally the vehicle is buzzing with conversation.

We arrive, get gussied up in our Jammie’s, rollers and slippers and take the brisk walk to Jasper Park Lodge for the PJ party.

It’s all coming back to us as we are welcomed with the list of names on the screen, the beautiful displays, the candy bar, cocktails and endless tables of food spread throughout. Great music is playing and there are women in pajama’s everywhere. Some matching, some not, some extravagant, some simple but all carefully thought out and excited for an evening of fun.

The evening is filled with conversation, great music, dancing, food, drinks, pictures being taken, people watching, interactions with strangers and fun.

When the night was over we ‘run’ back, a funny scene I’m sure but the cold was bitter so that motivated us to move and we settle in to sleep. Well Dawn and Lori Kay did … Rebecca and I … well … we got the giggles. Somethings never change!

Bring on Saturday and all the fun events to be shared and memories created together! ✌🏼

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