What is the last thing you learned?

As you walk through life you experience so many emotions, so many stories, so many losses and so many gains. From each of these you learn, you grow and you keep going.

Sometimes I can get so stuck in ‘why me’ that I miss out on the ‘why not me?’ Some of my greatest lessons have come from my darkest times. Some of my darkest times have launched me into the most beautiful what now! The last month has reminded me of just that.

Losing someone is hard and not ever having had known them would be much worse. Having the memories, stories and life lessons from those years of friendship is such a gift and I will carry those forever.

Grief is so weird, so unpredictable, so manic. You feel it, you see it, you hear it, it comes and it goes like a wave, it hits when it should and sometimes when you least expect it, it lingers, it’s makes you mad, then sad and you feel guilty when it’s not there. Grief is a part of healing and healing is a part of growing and growing is a part of life and life … well, it keeps going.

Yesterday I wrote a note to my team on the white board. “Pick out the best parts of today and lean in!” 💜

Some times you say the things you need to hear.

Beautiful Miss Marcy 💞

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