I only know my truth, my thoughts, my most intimate thoughts and they are through my experiences. I’ve become who I am because of those experiences and circumstances, we all do.

I often wonder if others think and feel as deeply as I do. Do they not show it? Why is that? Am I the only one? Why is that? Sometime I think I’m crazy and ask Deryk often. I appreciate that he tells me when I am. I trust him with my whole essence so I shift as I need when he is brave enough to suggest I should.

Some days I experience life as if watching it on a screen in slow motion, I see what is coming so clearly. There are also days that I’m baffled at an experience and can’t believe I missed such valuable parts. I tend to see things in a positive light and miss that there was ill intention or an outcome less desirable. Even through that, there is value in the lesson.

Last night Deryk and I went to Atlantic kitchen in Fort Saskatchewan. There was a large group of 8-10 people there when we arrived. I had my back to them but Deryk could see full on and as they laughed and shared stories, I’d see Deryk chuckle as he overheard. They were so joyful and clearly enjoyed each others company.

The napkin holder at Atlantic kitchen

At the end of their night, they pulled out an ice cream cake and prepared to sing Happy Birthday. As they start singing Deryk joins in LOUD and PROUD! He sang his typical way, off key and out of sync and oh so loud! The group loved that he joined in and smiled and laughed with him. I was awestruck and could not stop laughing. Deryk said my face was red and I could feel it. I was however, so proud of him for belting it out! We talked about how each of the boyz would have felt had they been there. We predicted Justys and Colton would have died of embarrassment and Dalton would have laughed. No one would have joined in.

I love that Deryk lives his life out loud, owns who he is and smiles and sings loud and proud through it all. Deryk lives outwardly what I feel inside.

Life’s to short to hold it in. Be like the shirt Colton got for his 2nd birthday … “I’m LOUD and I’m PROUD … just like my dad!” ♥️

2 responses to “Loud and Proud”

  1. Carrie Avatar

    Oh how I LOVE this, and align to your thoughts with admiration for just owning it and not being a spectator. I too wish this was a little bit more comfortable for me – and will continue to inspire momentum towards it with your words of inspiration (and Deryk’s voice) in my head!

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    1. A single ray Avatar

      You should be proud of who you are and what you stand for Carrie. I’m so grateful to know you.
      Shine on! 💛


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