What experiences in life helped you grow the most?

When I was teaching preschool I was constantly on the look out for ideas. No matter a mall, another classroom, an open field or in someone’s home, if I saw a cool craft idea or concept, I adapted it and used it in my classroom. I could not sit still and just be, I was always on the lookout for more. I thought it was the job but I now know it’s just who I am. A seeker of more, all ways.

I always want to do ‘all’ the things, I want to say ‘yes’ no matter if it’s school council, a group, Grad planning, teaching, social committee’s, alumni’s. If there was a sign up sheet, my name was on it.

I love to show up to all but now know I need to reel it in and find my role within. I recently discovered what I hope that to look like. I like to be the seed planter. I would like to plant the seed and support those to sow the seeds and nurture the garden. What’s challenging about it is not overstepping , trusting and allowing them to create, discover and even mess it all up. It’s in all of that, that the good stuff lives. It’s in all of that, that I learned the most.

Throughout my life I have had people model this with me and through them a leader was created, some may call it a monster. ☺️

My Mom believed in me always. She pushed me out of my safe zone and reminded me I was capable of more.

My beautiful Mom 💜

Just yesterday as I spent the day with my mom, she would so subtly throw lil reminders out throughout the day of how much she values people, relationships and love. She is pure joy, hope and possible.

She loves fiercely, is independent, she is strong, proud, intuitive and loves her kids no matter what. She always knows what to say and brings a peace when you think you are thinking irrationally, she validates your thoughts and reminds that it’s ok. She is so forgiving and thoughtful and is ok with you not being able to forgive in that moment. She encourages us to spend time with our spouses and children even when it may mean less time with her. She knows what it feels like to not be with the one you planned a lifetime with and wants us to not let a moment pass.

She is a writer, loves pretty things, she feels from the tips to the top. She’d do anything for her kids, even if it’s bending the rules a bit. She has expensive taste, she values a moment, she loves fiercely, she feels joy to its fullest and experiences sad the same way. She loves looking back and sharing old stories, she relives them as she speaks. She seeks understanding from learning from, rather than learning about. She is beautiful and has a wild side. She is my mom and I am her daughter and her biggest fan!

My mom is a seeker of more and has instilled that in me. I am forever grateful to have been raised by her, to love her as I do and to have her as a Grandma to our boyz.

A seeker of more and a reminder … What do you have to lose except this present moment. And it’s not a lost moment it’s the spring board for something incredible … jump! 💜

3 responses to “A seeker of more 💜”

  1. 🎶 S M I L E 🎶 Avatar

    Mothers always Kind, treasure the moments. Happy Sunday.

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    1. A single ray Avatar

      Happy Sunday! ☀️

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