SHINE Beyond Limits … Our Story ☀️

SPS Disability Services, a service provider with FSCD (Family Supports for Children with Disabilities) started as a pilot project with Alberta Government within Sturgeon Public Schools in 2010 … one family, one contract and a hope for common approach. Our team has the unique opportunity to work in home and in community with families as we work together to meet the needs of the family, fill their toolbox and try to make every day better. We have since grown to serve hundreds of Sturgeon families and that light ever so beautifully continues to guide, creating hope and possibility.

Our logo has always been a sun. It happened organically when a coworker referred to the work we do in homes as a ray of light to families, highlighting the things families do well and reminding that each day the sun will rise again. I will never forget that moment for it captured our intention so beautifully.

A family shared their experience with our team in the same way saying, “The warmth, kindness, compassion and commitment the team brought into our home brought a sense of calm and reassured us that there was hope. You are each like a single ray of sunshine that together helps the sun rise each day! You bring light on our darkest days.” That very day our logo was created.

The SuNsHiNe has become a treasured reminder of families and connections of past and present, a reminder that some days are grayer and from each of those days we learn, we fall, we get up and we try again, a reminder that each ray holds different strengths and together is where the light shines the brightest. We now needed our name to capture the heart work that we do and from this, our new brand was created:

On August 22, 2022, we launched our new name:

S.H.I.N.E Beyond Limits

Supporting Hope and Independence in Natural Environments.

We have been attending Meet the Communities across the division to spread the word, the hope and the possibility to SHINE Beyond Limits.

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