Do you enjoy your job?

A year ago, I went on a home visit with a family that we recently finished a contract with and as I walked in, mom was overcome with emotion and started to cry. She stepped away to compose herself and then joined me at her kitchen table when she was ready. We had a beautiful conversation for the next 2 hours of her wonder, her worries and her why.

As I sat there listening to her, I thought about her journey. 3 years ago completely broken by her sons autism diagnosis, not being able to share a full sentence without tears of heartbreak and fear, then welcoming an ever changing team of strangers into her home several times a week, pushing , trying and introducing new. Trying things once, twice, 50 times before something finally working. Making progress and feeling hopeful then side stepping and feeling completely devastated, desperate as hope was once again lost. Then together as a team seeing the light, instilling hope and possibility and giving it a try once again. Then just when she discovered she had it, her biggest supporters step away, leaving her frozen with fear and doubt. We know this is the right thing and we know she is ready but she is not convinced.

When she called me asking if we could talk, I questioned whether I should go to her or not and my heart said yes. I sat and I listened and it confirmed to me and I saw her light up as she spoke too … she does have this. She knows her son, she understands what he needs, she knows how to advocate for him and through that she shifted from fighting for him to sharing about him. I was so moved. As I left she thanked me, I did nothing but listen, the work was done long before I got there.

“Easy to live without and impossible to forget.” This is a true testament of just that.

This opportunity was another beautiful display of learning from vs learning about.🥰

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