Yesterday I wrote of an idea, a spark of possibility, a dream. I shared it with my best friends and got them excited too! A nurse, a hairdresser/photographer and a dreamer who loves to write. A beautiful partnership destined to be AhMazing!

Katelyn’s response … ‘I’m in!” and she got right to work connecting and creating a plan! She sent grant information, community initiatives information and a serendipitous reach out from a friend who also happens to be a financial planner.

“I think we can incorporate our passions into this.
I still love the idea of a greenhouse.
Bringing the ones that can travel out to us to have tea and plant. Seeding with seniors.
I also love the idea that we can bring flowers into the ones that can’t leave.
We really need to sit down and talk.
Figure out how to move forward with this.
Where to put a greenhouse. Non profit? How does that work?
How do we get paid. All that jazz. But I’m so in!” I love that so has so many wonders but yet throws all her chips in! This is where the magic lives!!!

A goal is a dream with a plan! Let’s make a plan!

Throughout the day I saw signs that say ‘do it!’ At the gas station, the eye doctor, when you look with your eyes wide open, you see what you need.




have a strong effect on someone or something.

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