If you look for it, it’s there. Feb 27,2023

As we spend more time at the hospital with Kathleen you really start to realize the value of every day. What to hold onto, let go of, lean into and what truly matters. We also notice what’s missing.

Rebecca suggested starting a company ‘The Little things’ an opportunity to do all the things that are not covered under nursing care or education but should be under kindness and humanity. You know, the things that make the biggest difference but as so under valued by corporations, hospitals etc.

Kathleen’s birthday board

Kathleen has many visitors throughout the day and my heart breaks for the gentleman in the bed beside her who’s had none. He has things to say, valuable things and there is no one to hear him. He will yell out ‘Hello’ and then ask to open or close his curtain. I think how his heart must break as we take Kathleen on a hospital tour, I’m sure he would love to see outside his room too. I imagine he listens to the stories shared on our side like a movie playing. He has no tv, no phone just the walls, curtain, ceiling and conversations of those around. How nice it would be for him to have a visit. The little things.

For him I wish for a conversation and connection, someone to tell pieces of his story to. A capture of a life lived and for him to feel like he matters. He does matter! Maybe a picture drawn on his window so he can study it, notice the colors and write a story in his head about what he sees or to wake up with someone sitting beside his bed excited to see him. The little things.

Kathleen sent a picture of Donna May washing her hair, apparently I went a little crazy with the dry shampoo and her hair was standing on end. How nice that Donna May washed, blew dry and straighten her hair, such a great feeling to look good when you feel awful. She so wished she could shower but the shower is broken on her unit. How nice it would be to have someone come and take her to another unit to shower there. I don’t think it’s an ask she wants from her family and friends but if a person comes in and says ‘let’s go, I found a warm shower’ … is another story. The little things.

How about a cup of tea and time, a moment of ‘you matter most right now, tell me more.’ To tell that story one more time and have the excitement of the receiver as they are told for the first time. The little things.

Why is it that if it was a medical intervention or educational strategy it would not be questioned as to why it was needed? Because it’s heart stuff … you know the real important stuff, it’s fluff. The little things.

My best work is when I simply show up, that’s how I get to the other stuff. Show up, be present, listen to understand, learn from, let go of your agenda, take the time, breathe with and create a plan for more. The little things.

A text message, a ‘just because’ bouquet, a note or a ‘I heard someone say what a difference you’re making’ … it makes the world go round. The little things.

Just this weekend I told Deryk how much I admire and appreciate his kindness. He had a plan for lunch with Colton during the week but knew I would want to see him too, so he changed the plans to Sunday. He will often buy meals for strangers at restaurants, he’s the first to offer support for our boyz, he will do anything for me, donates to charities often and is such a great friend. He does those little things every single day.

I’m not sure if anything will come of Rebecca’s business idea but I know I’m going to continue living my life doing the little things as often as I can. I will also continue to be surrounded by those who do the same and feel like sunshine! The little things … that feel like the big things. ♥️

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