I’ve never been one to be in the fashion scene on time. I’ve always loved dressing nice but I’m typically a few months or even years behind the trends. I like what I like when I like it I guess.

I recall my youth and the labels I so desperately wanted Jordache and Fancy Ass labelled jeans, Beaver Canoe and Cotton Ginny sweat shirts and pumps. All things not readily available to this farm kid but eventually they came and I lived to tell the tale.

I remember borrowing my sisters clothing as they got on their school bus before me and got off after and would never know. Well except that I usually had my school photo taken in their clothes, never thought that through.

Once I was done high school I wore whatever I wanted regardless of style. It funny the things you hold onto in your memory, I remember Rebecca seeing me one day and sayin ‘I cannot wait till I am out of high school so I can wear what I want.’ I’m still not sure if that was a compliment or not. Ha ha

Just this past weekend, Rebecca commented on how I always dress up even to go to the hospital. ‘Why not’ ,I reply, ‘why dress down when you can dress up.’ ☺️

Ever since the boys were little, they had a very unique style to each of them. I loved dressing them up as babies. Oshkosh overalls in turtlenecks were always my favorite, GAP, Roots and matching whenever I could. Once they could choose for themselves, I had to let go of what I wanted and help them embrace what they did.

Colton was pretty easy, as long as it looks stylish he was happy. Dalton, if it was not cowboy attire, it was a hard no, although he did like comfort in, plastic pants and T-shirts. And Justys right from the get-go always had a specific type of clothes he liked to wear. I believe this desire was inherited by my great grandfather, Papa Brumfitt, as he always dressed so dapper.

My Papa … so dapper

I love that these boyz are always ready for a picture and if I m not there for a moment, they know I’ll want it captured and send me a selfie. Well Colton and Jus will, Dalton, not so much. Just yesterday we went out for lunch with Colton at El Furniture downtown and he took advantage of the lighted mirror and snapped some selfies.

I love the photo shoots Justys partakes in and shares, that smile warms my soul.

And again … these boyz know the value of a moment and capture it beautifully because they know this Mama will love it!

Yesterday my friend Lori B sent me this beauty. It’s my mom and dad back in the day. As I shared it everyone each saw someone different in them. Landon and Brendan in my dad and Colton, Dalton and Paisley in my mom. What a precious picture.

Mom and Dad

So grateful for pictures to look back on, boyz who know how much I love their smiles, the sweet styles of all and the love and style that stands the test of time. 💜

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