What is your favorite drink?

Some days the most exciting thing about going to bed is the anticipation of that first sip of coffee the next morning.

I was sharing just last week that in the late 90’s I used to drink and extra large English toffee coffee from Tim Hortons every morning and every night on my drive to and from work. $1.95 each. It was basically hot chocolate and boy was it delicious. Now I’m a medium coffee 2 cream, once a day girl and prefer McDonalds over Tim’s.

My admin assistant brings me a McDonald’s coffee every single morning from Morinville. I’ve offered to pay her, told her I’m ok and don’t need to add to her morning but she insists. She says, ‘I see what you do for people every single day and this is my way to give back to you.’ She walks into our office, often loaded with things in her arms and hands me a delicious cup of morning magic. She then unpacks, asks how I am and proceeds to go over to the Keurig and makes herself a cup of coffee. She prefers Starbucks blend and there is not one in our area.

Well that cup of coffee is far more than a warm drink , it’s a soul filler. To have someone think of you in that kind way, recognize your try and celebrate you, well it simply does not get any better.

I love that even though Deryk does not drink coffee, he always makes sure I have cream in the fridge for mine. I always say, those are my ‘flowers’ because that’s how much it means.

My lil cup of Joe can bring calm to my storm, clarity to my chaos, slow down to my hurry and yum to my tum. ☕️

2 responses to “Morning coffee ☀️”

  1. kayscorner50 Avatar

    I can definitely relate I can remember when my kids were younger the oldest would always be like shh! Mum hasn’t had her coffee yet, lol. Now they all are grown their like we understand now mum.

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  2. A single ray Avatar

    Ha ha … yes mine understand now too. ☺️☕️


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